Kurt Milne

Marketing Manager, US

CloudCenter Marketing

Cisco CloudCenter Product Marketing. Interests: DevOps, cloud, virtualization, IT controls, robotics, seeing around corners. Author of 2011 book Visible Ops Private Cloud: From Virtualization to Private Cloud in 4 Practical steps.


September 20, 2017


From Hyper-Converged to Hybrid Cloud – Four Key Success Factors

I’ve been learning about customers who have kicked off their hybrid cloud efforts by using HyperFlex with CloudCenter—which is the Cisco UCS based hyper-converged solution that...

August 7, 2017


Simple Lifehacks That Can Cut Your Cloud Bill 20 Percent

What can you do when a growing cloud bill is evidence of your success? Congratulations! You have pushed and pulled to get your IT department to embrace a more agile service delivery model. You have added public cloud as an addition to your on-premises IT service delivery portfolio. But as a result, your CIO is now having […]

May 30, 2017


5 things you need to know about HyperFlex with CloudCenter

I’ve been working on a new bundle of Cisco HyperFlex offered with Cisco CloudCenter. And I’m excited to share some details — because I’ve got that “Wow, this is a really great opportunity for Cisco customers” feeling, that I only sometimes get while working for a large tech vendor. Together, these two powerful solutions help you […]

February 21, 2017


Managing Applications Across Hybrid Clouds

Guest Author: Brad Casemore IDC Research Director, Datacenter Networks Whether resident in traditional datacenters or – increasingly – in the cloud, applications remain the means by which digital transformation is brought to fruition and business value is realized. Accordingly, management and orchestration of applications – and not just management of infrastructure resources – are critical to […]

November 28, 2016


10 ways Cisco CloudCenter simplifies AWS

Since CloudCenter makes it easy to add AWS to your data center-based hybrid cloud service offerings, and automate deploy and manage of applications, I thought a “Top 10” list was in order. Register for the Dec 15th live demo webinar that will highlight these features. CloudCenter is an application-centric hybrid cloud management solution. It lets […]

October 12, 2016


How To Deploy from Jenkins to Any Data Center or Cloud

If you’re responsible for network, compute infrastructure, or even VM administration – DevOps can sound like mumbo jumbo: Continuous Integration. Continuous Deployment. DevOps tool chain. Branching. Release trains. Agile Development. Green/Blue. A/B. Yadda Yadda Yadda. You don’t need to understand all of that.  What you need to understand is that with Cisco CloudCenter, an automated […]

September 14, 2016


Deploying application tiers across both data center and cloud

So you want to deploy your database tier in the data center with an ACI managed network, and app server and web tiers in the public IaaS cloud? No problem. As applications are getting more complex, IT is getting more savvy about where individual tiers are deployed. With Cisco CloudCenter, you can automate application deployment […]

August 31, 2016


How Cisco CloudCenter Stacks up

If you are like me – all the cloud management tools sound the same. Vendors all use the same words to describe very different solutions. Hybrid. Platform. Automation. Service. So to help you figure out what the words mean, I’ve recorded a short webcast with product manager Zack Kielich (@zackOmatic), that shows how Cisco CloudCenter […]