Kaushik Biswas

Director, Software Engineering

Enterprise Routing

Kaushik Biswas has 25+ years of industry experience building products both at smaller and large companies. He is currently Director of Software Engineering in the Enterprise Networking (Routing) group at Cisco. He currently leads software development teams in virtualization space with E2E charter - NFVIS (Cisco's NFV Infrastructure Software), Orchestration & Platforms; across MSP & Enterprise market-segments proliferating at different places in networks - Branch / Colo. He has 20+ issued US Patents and has co-authored IETF RFCs. On personal front, he is an avid sports fan, enjoys traveling, and spending time with his family.


August 25, 2022


Service Chaining VNFs with Cloud-Native Containers Using Cisco Kubernetes

3 min read

Cisco Kubernetes in Cisco Enterprise NFVIS provides DevOps with a familiar set of k8s workflows to deploy containerized applications, taking full advantage of service-chained VNFs managed by NetOps.