Kareem Iskander

Technical Lead

DevNet Developer Experience

Kareem Iskander is one of the original members of Team DevNet. He is one of the designers of the iconic DevNet Zone.

His areas of expertise include Python, networking, virtualization, and storage.

He is a proud Spartan, and holds a Bachelors degree focused on Computer Engineering, from San Jose State University.


April 24, 2020


Automating Network Deployment with Cisco DNA Center and Cisco Action Orchestrator

3 min read

Learn about how we’ve integrated Cisco DNA Center to automate the standing up of a new network, using Cisco Action Orchestrator (CAO). Register for the live webinar, May 7th.

September 24, 2019


DevNet Certifications – Get Ready for the Enterprise Automation Exam

4 min read

Validate your knowledge of implementing enterprise automation solutions, including programming concepts, Python programming, APIs, controllers, and automation tools.

December 27, 2018


DevNet 2018 – Year in Review

3 min read

Kareem Iskander shows you how the DevNet Zone is built, and why content is top of mind every month of the year.

December 10, 2018


DevNet Community Highlights 2018

2 min read

We are so grateful to our Community of Developers from around the world. You built DevNet!