Kamil Janton

Incident Response Consultant

Advanced Services

Kamil Janton is an experienced Information Security professional with vast knowledge in Incident Response, Host and Network Forensics as well as Threat Intelligence and SOC Operations.

In his current role as an Incident Response Consultant for Cisco Incident Response Services Team, Kamil focuses on helping organizations prepare their Incident Response programs, as well as respond and investigate security related incidents.

Kamil has recently completed his Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity at DePaul University in Chicago. Additionally, he holds several security and networking certifications including GCIH, GCFE, CEH, CCNA.

During free time, Kamil enjoys reading, traveling and all things technology and security related.


April 26, 2018


Incident Response and General Data Protection Regulation

6 min read

This article will address provisions of the GDPR related to Incident Response (IR) planning. A proven IR plan will lend GDPR compliance and provide a framework for practical Incident Response.