Joost Van Der Made

HyperFlex TME


Joost started his working carrier in The Royal Dutch Navy. There he learned everything about computers, punched tapes and magnetic core memory. After serving six years, Joost worked for other companies where Joost discovered networking, collaboration, wireless, virtualization and tequila. Now he has been working for 14 years within Cisco. Since January 2020, Joost moved to the United States to work as a HyperFlex Technical Marketing Engineer for the business unit. From the start of HyperFlex, Joost has been involved and has excellent knowledge about HyperFlex. He likes to spread his expertise via his blog site: IAmJoost.com Joost is CCIE #19958 Emeritus. Collaboration, Wireless and Data Center


March 8, 2022


Focus on HyperFlex: Sizing A New Cluster Using the Sizer and Profiler Tools

4 min read

In this 'Focus on HyperFlex' blog, we'll zero-in on different aspects of the Cisco HyperFlex ('HX') hyperconverged system and ways to make HX work best for you and your organization. This edition will illustrate on how to size a cluster when you might not have all the details of the workload worked out. In this situation, HyperFlex Profiler is the right approach to learn more about the workloads.