Justin Riray

Customer Experience Presenter

Customer Experience Center (Sales)

I love my family, basketball, music, video games. I am passionate about the work I do for Cisco. I am intellectually curious but enjoy sharing knowledge that could help others. Set to graduate with my MBA from Santa Clara University in 2018. Planning to live somewhere in Asia for a couple of years upon graduation. I find look for comedy in everything, and in turn, find happiness.


July 24, 2020


Should You Leave the Company You Love?

4 min read

Heading into his last week at Cisco, Justin Riray shares why decided to leave the company he loves and how Cisco supports employees that may need to explore areas outside the comfort zone to grow.

January 4, 2018


Successaholic: Why Do You Work Hard?

3 min read

Justin motivates the Cisco team with an inspiring New Years post.

September 22, 2016


My Experience Behind the Scenes with Cisco Executives

4 min read

Executives. They are the celebrities of the business world. Some of them have specific, personal self-brands that they have worked on. They are known to be smart. Some charismatic. Some serious and some perhaps scary. Some rarely show up publicly and prefer to be background players. I am lucky enough to work directly with our […]