Julie Newman

State and Local Global Government Marketing Lead
Global Marketing and Corporate Communications

Julie Newman is the state and local global government marketing lead for global marketing and corporate communications. Prior to this role, Julie was the funding strategies lead for Cisco’s America’s public sector, focusing on empowering sales and customers with timely and relevant alternate funding strategies to accomplish technology goals.

Over the past 15 years, Julie has held several positions focusing on government and small business marketing and business strategies and has worked in the verticals of education, state and local government, federal government and healthcare. Julie joined Cisco in 2006 as the national lead for state and local government field marketing in the United States.

Prior to joining Cisco, Julie developed and led Symantec Corporation’s US public sector marketing department and prior to Symantec, she was marketing director for Apptis in the DC metro area. Julie is located in RTP and is active in the Cisco community, participating in the WAN and contributing her time and resources to various campus outreach programs.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Women’s Studies from Eastern University in St David’s, PA.

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