John Dorval

VP, Telco Mobile

Service Provider

As Vice President of the Telco Mobile vertical, John leads a multi-billion-dollar sales organization serving the largest and most influential mobile and traditional telecom companies in the Americas. These brands have built the critical infrastructure and capabilities required to enable connectivity, access, and innovation across all segments of the market – consumer, enterprise, and the public sector. In this role, John is responsible for managing and transforming one of Cisco’s largest and most strategic service provider segments.

John is a 24-year Cisco veteran who has spent his tenure in various leadership roles serving the largest accounts in North America across Cable, Telco, and Media. He has led large-scale and highly complex sales organizations through critical industry transitions and is a recognized expert in go-to-market and customer success strategies.

John has a deep commitment and passion for developing the next generation of leaders and driving a diverse, conscious culture built on trust and transparency. Before joining Cisco, John held sales and sales leadership positions at MCI Telecommunications and MAI Basic Four.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Montclair State University.


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