Joseph Ezerski

Product Marketing Engineer

Intent Based Networking Group (IBNG)

Joseph Ezerski, CCIE #8588 (Emeritus) is a 16-year Cisco veteran spending most of his technical life working in the Datacenter space. Originally working as a customer of Cisco, building various DC and Enterprise architectures on Cisco platforms, he made the jump to Cisco in 2005. Having spent time in the field as a System Engineer and later a Consulting SE, he soon heard the calling of the Business Unit. Working initially with UCS and helping to grow this solution in EMEAR, he later joined IBNG to take on the exciting task of doing the same for ACI, Nexus 9K, and Nexus Dashboard. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture, and an M.B.A in Information Systems.


July 15, 2021


Making the Most of Network Telemetry in an Imperfect World

Nexus Dashboard Insights is a powerful correlation engine with intelligence derived from machine learning that speeds time to recovery for a wide variety of data center network issues.