Joseph O'Laughlin

Product Manager, Marketing

Sourcefire - Mktg – US

Joseph O'Laughlin is a Product Marketing Manager at Cisco where he specializes in the "next-generation" Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) product as well as other network security products, including Application Visibility and Control (AVC) and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). His diverse background in security administration, IT auditing, management consulting, and technical sales provides a unique insight into understanding IT challenges and goals, especially as they relate to security.


March 1, 2016


Cisco Firepower Management Center Brings Security Into Focus

3 min read

IT Teams gain insight and focus with the industry’s most comprehensive NGFW management - before, during and after attacks. As we discussed in our last two posts, most organizations today...

July 18, 2014


You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

2 min read

The title seems like a simple enough concept, but when it comes to advanced threat protection, truer words were never written. This concept of visibility into your network, which in turn enables better protection and control of your network, is at the heart of Cisco’s Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS). Visibility is what feeds critical […]