John Mullooly

Distinguished Architect

SP Technology and Architecture

John Mullooly is a Distinguished Architect at Cisco Systems, joining in 1998 with focus on the Service Provider market. He is a recognized and accomplished technology leader with 30+ years of experience in computer/IP network design, deployment, and consulting to large SPs (AT&T, etc.) and Enterprise customers. He has extensive technical expertise in Network Design, IP Routing, MPLS/SR, L3/L2 VPN’s, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), NFV Orchestration (NFVO), Openstack, Cloud Networking, Kubernetes, NETCONF/YANG and Service Automation. He is a leading contributor to Cisco’s Network Slicing architectural vision, based on multi-domain and intent-based service modeled principles, and has contributed to the IETF’s work to drive better standardization in this area. John previously held senior technology roles at AT&T Bell Labs and AT&T Solutions. He has obtained BS/MS degrees in Electrical Engineering, various industry certifications including multiple CCIEs (#3659), AWS Solution Architecture, AWS Advanced Networking and Certified Kubernetes Administration (CKA). He holds ten patents in the areas of computer networking and IP network services and is an adjunct professor in the Engineering & Technology Department at Brookdale Community College.


Perspectives on the Future of SP Networking: Intent and Outcome Based Transport Service Automation

8 min read

Cisco envisions a future where transport network services are requested based on outcomes and intents. A simplified, on-demand implementation would allow more consumable and user-oriented service structures. Intent-based next-gen transport orchestrators will be driven by industry requirements for "5G Network Slicing," Mobile Transport Services and "Network as a Service" (NaaS).