J.D. Stanley

Global Director of Strategy and Integrated Solutions

Data and Analytics Business Unit (DABG)

Mr. Stanley, a 17 year veteran of Cisco, with over 20 years in the IT industry. Mr. Stanley has global responsibility for pioneering data and analytics research, integrated solution design, and insight services.

For over 12 years Mr. Stanley has performed as CTO across numerous applied research areas championing cross-sector and cross-discipline system of systems disruptive innovations, transformative business architectures, and decision science effect-based operations – focused on intersections of cognitive behavior for social networking and decision making, distributed networks, autonomic systems, and swarming of humans, machines, and sensors. Recent engineering endeavors focus on the science of service quality experience and intrinsic policy modulation for service provider/cable environments, and in the topic of time and motion algorithmic derived insights across distributed IoT/IoE complex systems, especially in production, service fields, real estate, and logistics environments. Mr. Stanley is also a Member of Texas Technology Taskforce for TxDOT (autonomous vehicles, drones, energy, etc).

Past Cisco CTO positions: Cisco Consulting Services Global Analytics Practice (across global service provider, enterprise, and public sector), Connected Urban Development (Clinton Global Initiative) for Urban energy, buildings, & vehicles; Aerospace operations, logistics, system of systems; Defense for Network Centric Operations, Network Centric Logistics, & Digital Swarming; Manufacturing for connected vehicles and automotive supply chain; Global Public Sector.

Was co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Engineering Chief of the Planetary Skin Institute, on 4 year secondment from Cisco. Science co-lead/contributor with Univ of Minn, NASA, CEMADEN, and INPE on geospatial and remote sensing based algorithms and models for early warning systems, risk monitoring and human loss prevention. Decision Science co-lead with DoE, PNNL, LNNL, and NREL on energy modeling programs.


Back to the Future with Data & Analytics

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To know where you are going - and to make sure you will get there - sometimes you have to go back to where everything began.