Jayant Thakre

Manager, Product Management

Security Business Group

Jayant Thakre is part of Security Business Group with focus on Next General Firewalls, Next Generation IPS and Security Management. He is passionate about cybersecurity, and likes to contribute in thwarting cyberattacks, to make Internet a safer place for families and friends.

In his current role, Jayant is responsible for Product Management of Low-end and Mid-range ASAs and Firepower platforms, as well as Firepower NGIPS products.

Jayant has a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Santa Clara University in U.S. and an Electrical Engineering degree from Nagpur University in India.

He loves to read, enjoys playing guitar, and golfs whenever possible.


March 16, 2017


How to get started on programming Firepower using FMC APIs?

If you are reading this blog then you most likely understand that APIs allow inter-working among products. In the context of Firepower Management Center, the REST APIs allow programming of the Firepower devices to allow one to automatically provision devices, deploy policies and controls, and monitor device health. In this blog I will try to […]