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March 28, 2013


VDI “The Missing Questions” #9: How many storage IOPs?

4 min read

Hello fellow VDIers…if you are reading this blog first in the series and wondering why we are on Question 9, then check out the following posts to see the entire series: Introduction – VDI – The Questions you didn’t ask (but really should) VDI “The Missing Questions” #1: Core Count vs. Core Speed VDI “The […]

March 7, 2013


VDI “The Missing Questions” #6: What do you really gain from a 2vCPU virtual desktop?

4 min read

So you’ve decided you are going to run 2vCPU VMs in one, or all (GHAST!) of your VDI pools. Why did you decide this? Because your application is multi-threaded and you need better response times? Or simply because ((2 > 1) = TRUE) all the time? What DOES 2 vCPU VMs really get you in […]

February 14, 2013


VDI “The Missing Questions” #3: Realistic Virtual Desktop Limits

So this is the Million Dollar Question, right? You, along with the executives sponsoring your particular VDI project wanna know: How many desktops can I run on that blade? It’s funny how such an “it depends” question becomes a benchmark for various vendors blades, including said vendor here. Well, for the purpose of this discussion […]