Jamey Heary

Distinguished Systems Engineer

Advanced Security Architecture Group

Jamey Heary, CCIE #7680, is a Distinguished Systems Engineer at Cisco Systems. He is also a featured security columnist for Network World where he blogs on all things security. Jamey sits on the PCI Security Standards Council Board of  Advisors where he provides strategic and technical guidance for future PCI standards. Jamey has authored several security books, his latest is Cisco ISE for BYOD and Secure Unified Access. He also has a patent on a new DDoS mitigation and firewall IP reputation technique. Jamey sits on numerous security advisory boards for Cisco Systems and is a founding member of the Colorado Healthcare InfoSec Users Group. His other certifications include CISSP and he is a Certified HIPAA Security Professional. He has been working in the IT field for 19 years and in IT security for 15 years.


August 27, 2014


Social Engineering:
 Finding the Weak Links In-Person

2 min read

An enterprise can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for the latest security software and imagine itself protected from targeted attacks that come in via the network. But if the threat is a real-live person who walks in the front door of an office or server farm, what good can the network edge […]