James Sandgathe

Engineer, Technical Marketing

Enterprise Infrastructure and Solutions Group

James Sandgathe is an Engineer in Technical Marketing for the Enterprise Infrastructure and Solutions Group in Cisco. James has been with Cisco for over 15 years covering product development and systems deployment and has been subject matter expert or focus area for following:

- Service Provider and Enterprise VoIP Call Control and Media Gateways

- Service Provider and Enterprise Content Delivery Networking (CDN) caching and video streaming

- Video Applications and Collaboration

- Application Acceleration, Cloud Services Optimization and WAN Optimization

- Application Service Insertion and Service Chaining

- Network based Transparent Interception technologies

- Application Service and Network Function Virtualization with Network Programmability

James has been driving the adoption of new products and feature sets for most of his time at Cisco. Currently, he is applying the accumulated experience to Cisco¹s new Enterprise NFV solution working on the architecture for Service Chaining, Orchestration and Automation, along with virtualized network functions. Prior to Cisco, James was an experienced Manager at Accenture working for 6 years in Network Architecture and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). James received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from the University of Illinois Chicago in 1994. James other interests are in data analysis, network and services programmability and mobile applications for IoT. He has received certificates in programming with Java and mobile applications using Objective-C and Swift for Apple iOS and working with services automation APIs using Python.


March 15, 2016


What is Cisco NFV Infrastructure Software?

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The engine under the hood of Cisco Enterprise NFV We’ve all heard that saying, “What is under that hood?” That question refers to “the kick-ass” capability not obvious at first glance. Starting today that question will have a new meaning. A few weeks ago Cisco launched the first NFV solution for the Enterprise – a […]