JP Melo

General Manager - Americas

Sports, Media and Entertainment Group

JP Melo leads the Sports, Media and Entertainment for the Americas at Cisco, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Better known as JP, he was part of Cisco from 2007-2014 as a Strategic Account Manager for the Public Sector, returning again in 2016, after 2 years as Riverbed's General Manager for Brazil. His experience adds up with companies like Capgemini, Altran, Brasil Telecom, Rede Globo Television, amongst others. He began his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 21, successfully operating and selling a start-up for internet services in 1996. Graduated in Marketing, he is also a musician and founder of the Association for the Initiation of Music (AIM), focused on bringing music education to economically disadvantaged communities.


Cisco Point of View on: Esports

2 min read

eSports are changing the videogame industry, but they are also driving innovation across the entertainment, education, broadcasting, and traditional sports industries. Cisco is building innovative infrastructure, braodcasting and security solutions that will support the bridge to the most unimaginable needs.