Hector Salas

Solutions Architect

Glue Networks

Hector Salas is an industry veteran with 20+ years in IT, with experience in security, networking, application delivery and data center. Formerly, Hector has worked with some of the largest vendors in IT, including McAfee, Checkpoint Software, F5 Networks and Cisco. Today, he is now a Solutions Architect with Glue Networks, building Software-Defined Network solutions for enterprise and service provider WAN’s.

In addition to networking, Hector is active in social media, public speaking and writing. His love of producing music, camping. car restoration and family takes the rest of his spare time today. Hector currently resides in Lake Dallas with his wife and two boys.


February 19, 2014


IWAN Wed: How Glue Networks Improves the IWAN Experience with PfR

4 min read

Network optimization is a touchy subject for many in the IT world, and a particularly thorny issue for the Wide Area Network (WAN). The idea that the network architecture as designed cannot meet the needs of tomorrow is the cause of much discussion, anxiety and in some cases, gnashing of teeth. However, the reality is […]