Francisco Tello Buitrago

Senior Solutions Engineer

Cisco Meraki

Francisco is a Senior Solutions Engineer for the Cisco Meraki business unit at Cisco based out of Brooklyn, New York, with 12 years of industry expertise. He is originally from Panama City, Panama and has a Master’s degree in Communications Networks from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He is also a Fulbright alumni, and holds several industry certifications including a CCIE in Enterprise Infrastructure, as well as Professional Solutions Architect certifications from AWS and GCP. Francisco is passionate about software defined networks and programmability, as well as machine learning and data analytics projects.


October 23, 2023


Multi-region connectivity just got faster and easier with Meraki vMX and AWS Cloud WAN

3 min read

Cisco Meraki and AWS have a deep partner relationship with the goal of improving hybrid networks and how customers connect their on-premises environments to their AWS cloud workloads.  Today, AWS is announcing a new feature that will greatly improve the customer hybrid cloud experience.