Francisco Sedano Crippa

Technical Lead

Wireless Engineering

Francisco is a Technical Lead working on the design and implementation of the Cisco 9800 wireless controller. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, focused on cloud and wireless. He holds a double CCIE and he's also a passionate of DevOps, microservices, and anything involving both networking and coding. When he needs to unwind, he focuses on his other passions: HAM radio, designing anything with RF and microcontrollers, or building a functional Boeing 737 cockpit in his basement.


February 16, 2021


Understanding Container Images, Part 3: Working with Overlays

4 min read

Learn more about the mechanism Docker uses to work with image layers, and how you can use it for other projects.

February 1, 2021


Understanding Container Images, Part 2: Optimizing Your Images

4 min read

See how to build containers that help you build your application in an automated and consistent way, and then use it in your environment.

January 25, 2021


Understanding Container Images, Part 1: Image Layers

9 min read

See how thinking about container images as an advanced file packaging system may be just what’s needed to make your application run.