Frank Columbus

Technical Marketing Engineer

IoT Embedded Products

Frank Columbus first joined Cisco in October of 1993 as a Systems Engineer in field sales in Southern California. He earned CCIE No. 1520 in 1995 and remained with Cisco until going to work in the industry in 2002. Frank ultimately returned to his SE roots at Cisco in 2013. In September 2015, Frank accepted a job as a Technical Marketing Engineer for the IoT Business Unit where he primarily works on the Embedded Product Line. Since then, Frank has managed the early field trials for the successful launch of the ESS 3300, ESR 6300, and ESS 9300. Frank has also supported other IoT technologies including LoRaWAN and Edge Compute. The Cisco IoT BU supports many industrial technologies, including various transportation industries. To that end, Frank is also an FAA licensed commercial airplane pilot, commercial UAV pilot and flight instructor. Lastly, Frank has actual railroad experience since he is a volunteer motorman at a local railway museum in San Jose, CA, USA. .


March 17, 2022


Cisco Radio Aware Routing

5 min read

A full featured router-based implementation of RFC 5578 and RFC 8175 that delivers reliable and efficient converged voice, video, and data solutions for networks on the move.