Elaina Stergiades

Research Director, IT Service Strategies


Elaina Stergiades is a Research Director in the IT Service Strategies for Proactive Customer Success program at IDC. In this position, she provides insight and analysis of industry trends and market strategies for technology vendors offering customer success, deploy and support services across a variety of deployment models. Elaina’s research includes analyzing the evolution of customer success capabilities across technology providers, examining advanced predictive and prescriptive technologies in support, and understanding how digital business models are changing the delivery of these services across the IT environment. She also tracks end-user sentiment in support and success services, with a focus on how technology providers can help organizations maximize the value of their IT investments.


January 25, 2024


How Life-Cycle Services Can Help Drive Business Outcomes

3 min read

While technology innovations promise to deliver significant results for business managers, the reality of implementation and adoption is often very different. This blog from IDC shares how life-cycle services can help.