Ed Bellis

CTO, CoFounder of Kenna Security, by Cisco


Some call him the father of risk-based vulnerability management. Everyone else just calls him Ed. He’s got thoughts about RBVM. Deep thoughts. He shares them here. WHAT HE REALLY DOES: Ed herds a team of very smart cats who do the security research and data science that helps you keep the bad guys at bay. WHY READ HIS BLOG: When he headed security for Orbitz, Ed realized that staying ahead of the next threat would be impossible without the ability to know which vulns pose the greatest risk to your enterprise. He applies that same kind of vision to his blogs. ODD FACT: Related to both Major and Minor League Baseball players, yet oddly uncoordinated himself.


February 3, 2022


How Exploit Intel Makes You Less Vulnerable

3 min read

Kenna and the Cyentia Institute's latest research indicates effective risk-based prioritization and risk reduction hinges on exploit intel.