Doug Hoffman

Regional Sales Leader at Cisco & Eternal Optimist

Americas Collaboration - East

How do you define success? Is it a number? A feeling? A belief? For me, it is happiness. I am the luckiest person in the world because I have a healthy family, our team advocates positive mental health, and I love my job. I don’t just like my job; I LOVE it. I love the company, the challenging nature of the work, the variability of tasks, and the type of people that Cisco attracts. I have been in the Cisco ecosystem since 2005, starting at a partner as an engineer, but I quickly transitioned into sales in 2010. I officially joined Cisco in 2014 and am currently having more fun than ever leading a top performing team half over half. In my current role, my team of Collaboration Sales Specialists drive business in US Commercial which focuses on customers which typically have between 500-10,000 employees. My team attacks each day with four key principals, 1. Family 2. Health 3. Community 4. Finances … and we prioritize them in that order. I live in Rutherford, NJ, which is just a stone’s throw from NYC, with my wife (Carolyn), five-year-old spit-fire daughter (Sammy), and my three-year-old stubborn but adorable son (Ryan). Between work and my young kids, the days are often long but the years are so, so short. Time is moving incredibly fast and when I look back on my life, I want to be proud of my actions and the affect I had on those around me.


March 2, 2023


Finding Your Inspiration to Do More

3 min read

Regional Sales Leader Doug H. was inspired to do more with his volunteer time. See how he and Gabby K. are empowering the next generation of women in tech.