Deanna Belle

No Longer with Cisco

Formerly Social Media Marketing Manager

Digital Strategy and Enablement, Cisco

I am a social media marketing manager at Cisco with a current focus on employee advocacy, social media coaching/training, gamification and driving engagement through rewards and recognition. Previous to my current focus areas, I have led the external Cisco blogs and Cisco Communities programs, worked on developing a mobile strategy for events and have experience working in PR and corporate communications. I am focused on maximizing the impact of Cisco’s communications and on nurturing the customer relationship. I am also responsible for the development and evangelism of social media governance, policy, education and training programs across the company.

I enjoy exploring my interest in the study of social media and its effects on people and business outcomes. I believe in the power of teams and also focusing on each team member's individual strengths. My goal is to drive education and the adoption of social media platforms and tools to facilitate maximum collaboration, knowledge sharing and increased productivity throughout Cisco. It is the combination of people, process and tools which enable true collaboration. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology from Syracuse University’s iSchool as well as a minor in Psychology.

I often tweet about my love of technology, psychology, retail, sports, animals and live music. Go Syracuse!

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