Dean Lewis

Infrastructure Engineer

Dean Currently works as Infrastructure Engineer for a IT Solutions Provider. Based around the design and implementation of infrastructure upgrades and replacements, i.e Server hardware, Networking, right down to the End-User experience, such as Web Proxy. Heavy involvement in Cisco Hardware and VMware Solutions. Previously worked at a large college implementing and support a new VDI deployment, bringing the tired resources into the 21st century ready to meet the challenges of todays students.


June 22, 2015


Remembering the small things: IT Security

2 min read

There are many tasks and responsibilities of the (lone) IT sysadmin, they are sometimes varied, sometimes monotonous.  We know what they are without thinking about them, as if they are unwritten commandments, specific to the IT world. Security has featured greatly in the world news over the past few years, and even more so within […]