Dean De Beer

Principal Engineer
Advanced Threat Solutions – AMP Threat Grid

Dean is an entrepreneur and security technologist with a background in malware analysis, incident response and threat intelligence. He is the Principal Engineer for ThreatGRID where he leads the Research and Engineering teams. Through guiding the technical direction of the ThreatGRID platform, Dean focuses on developing solutions for Intelligence and Response Automation to defend against Advanced Threats. He came to Cisco as part of the ThreatGRID acquisition in June of 2014. Dean was co-founder and CTO of ThreatGRID, the first unified malware analysis and threat intelligence solution that helps organizations defend against advanced cyber attacks.

Prior to founding ThreatGRID, Dean was involved in building, training and leading incident response and threat analysis teams for a wide variety of client organizations in the financial, federal and energy sectors. He also regularly speaks on security, malware and intelligence related topics at industry conferences.

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