Dario Cazzani

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

I am a senior machine learning engineer and I have worked in ML related problems since 2015, in audio and computer vision domains. One of my earliest contributions was the development of the wakeword detection that we all now use to have voice interactions with the Webex Assistant. More recently my work has focused on Speaker Diariazation, Speaker Recognition, 3D face landmark Detection and Object Recognition. Until 2015 I used to be a professional violinist with a career that led me to play with major symphony orchestras in Italy, Germany and Norway


November 30, 2021


“Who Said That?” A Technical Intro to Speaker Diarization

9 min read

Webex meeting recordings are provided with transcriptions. See how to use Speaker Diarization to know who said what - making it easier for humans to skim through meeting content, and for AI solutions to provide more accurate results.