Dave Cronberger

Infrastructure Architect

Dave Cronberger is an Infrastructure architect focused on physical and logical networks and network based services in industrial automation in discreet and process control environments. This includes Manufacturing and IT Infrastructure, networks and security with additional focus on collaboration technologies that use voice, video, and web to improve manufacturing process


December 3, 2020


The malware is in my factory…now what?

5 min read

Editor’s note: To learn more about securing the manufacturing cell, check out the latest episode of our Manufacturing Leader’s podcast, available now. Take a listen below or listen on our site. A growing problem As we’ve been seeing in many headlines and articles, there is a clear awareness that the manufacturing floor is under attack. […]

November 29, 2019


Automated Networks for Flexible Manufacturing Cells

2 min read

Cisco has been working to make network changes easy, even automated.  For manufacturers, Cisco is working with The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (C-CAM) to research the viability of the flexible manufacturing cell, and to develop an easily reconfigurable production cell for short and varied production runs. 

September 9, 2013


Industrial Grade SDN

3 min read

The software defined network has become all the rage lately for reasons that seem to vary and are caught up in interesting perceptions.  One view was that it allowed a single network to be controlled centrally and divided up logically to prevent different groups from interfering with one another, well that’s true.  Another view is […]