Colin Lynch

Data Center Specialist

Cisco Champion

Colin designs and deploys large Datacenters for a Gold Partner in the UK, and is CCIE#7064 as well as holding certifications in VMware, EMC and NetApp. His Blog is http://ucsguru.com which covers all Datacenter topics but focuses on Cisco UCS. When Colin is not working his hobbies are Playing Rugby and Scuba Diving.


September 5, 2014


Summary: Don’t be a networking Lizard

1 min read

Who’s more intelligent a rocket scientist or a lizard? Well it’s a matter of perspective. I’ll grant you that a lizard is less likely to design a spaceship capable of inter stellar flight, but if you put that same rocket scientist in the desert, I know who my money would be on to survive the […]

April 9, 2014


The “Next Gen” Network Engineer

3 min read

A subject very close to my heart at the moment is what skills I will need to have in order to support the Next Generation of Software Defined and Application...