Christopher Watkins

Project Manager

Global Inclusion Talent

As a Global Inclusion Talent Project Manager, Christopher supports the overall Supply Chain Workforce Strategy team in leading inclusion and diversity initiatives, talent strategies, and employee development and learning. Christopher has a strong passion for talent development and retention. His interest relates to analyzing problems and developing creative and feasible solutions within technology and innovation, diversity and inclusion, and human resource management. Paying it forward and serving his community are essential principles that he strives daily to achieve. A few interesting things about Chris: *Community & Economic Development Practitioner *Change Accelerator *Investment Guru *Car Enthusiast *Dancer (Ballet)


April 27, 2020


How Cisco Debunked the Corporate Myth for Me

2 min read

Chris shares his story on how Cisco proved him wrong with a unique culture and dedication to career growth all quickly visible at a Cisco HackIT event.