Chloe Green

Project & Program Manager, Offer Security Engineering

Security & Trust Organization

Project & Program Manager for tooling within the Offer Security Engineering group in S&TO. I work primarily on security automation from the CICD pipeline, and helping teams manage their third party software.

I work in RTP and live in Chapel Hill so I can be close to my Tar Heels. I’m often hanging out at various events with friends from Cisco and beyond. I’m a regular at the RTP LifeConnections gym and at any time you might be able to find me getting zen on a yoga mat, or running around campus.


October 30, 2019


Collaborating at Cisco

3 min read

Chloe shares how she is collaborating at Cisco with teams around the globe and how things that may create barriers like time zones are truly making them come together in getting the job done.