Brijeshkumar Shah

Senior Product Manager

Cloud and Network Security

Brijeshkumar Shah is a Senior Product Manager, Cloud and Network Security within Cisco’s Security Business Group. Brijesh has over twenty-three years of experience driving and leading B2B technology businesses, working closely with customers across verticals. He previously held roles leading the Cisco APJC data center sales and business development team. Brijesh currently leads product management for Cisco Secure Workload.


May 25, 2023


Secure Workload 3.8 delivers more productivity, lower TCO, and faster time to value

Secure Workload 3.8 brings a wealth of new capabilities to help security professionals protect critical application workloads.

October 29, 2022


Cisco Secure Workload: Policy-as-Code Is a Win-Win for Everyone

The last few years have proved to be a catalyst for digital transformation for many of our enterprise customers. Application modernization and adopting multicloud are the foundational building blocks for digitizing business. Customers employ CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous delivery) to modernize their applications, building them on a cloud infrastructure. This evolution has given rise to […]