Bree Jordan

Account Manager

State/Local Government and Education (S.L.E.D)

Bree Hailemariam is an account manager in New York City. She currently services clients in the “S.L.E.D” (State/Local Government and Education) market. Some of her clients include but are not limited to: St. John’s University, New York Institute of Technology, Fashion Institute of Technology, School of Visual Arts, Suffolk County Community College, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island. Bree received her BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Marketing and Management from Duke University in North Carolina. She is a member of the DukeNY Board, and a national board member of the Duke University Black Alumni Association. Her favorite thing about Cisco is the flexibility and the work-life balance. When she’s not spending her free time volunteering with her alumni group, Bree enjoys spending time with her family as well as cooking dinner at home for her husband. As her social media followers can attest, Bree loves to travel to exotic places that are untapped by the common tourist. Her favorite place that she’s visited yet: Morocco. “However, Ethiopia comes in a very close second!” Join the conversation with Bree at Twitter.com/breejord.


April 10, 2020


From G.R.I.T.S. to the Big Apple

4 min read

Read how this "girl raised in the south" (GRITS) chased her dream to New York where she became an account manager for Cisco sales.