Brandon Lackey

Business Development Manager
Internet of Things Manufacturing Solutions

Brandon Lackey is business development lead in Cisco’s Internet of Things Manufacturing Solutions Group. Brandon brings twenty-five years of experience in cloud software technology business development and marketing. Prior to joining Cisco, Lackey led the technology and marketing strategy for Weathermatic's web-based irrigation control technology. Weathermatic became leading provider of cloud-based software and services for commercial irrigation applications during this period of time. Prior to that, Lackey led business development activities for portal and content management solutions and Oracle, BEA Systems, Plumtree Software and Halliburton. Lackey has also consulted with some of the world’s leading companies on their cloud software business strategies including Xerox, Airbus, Applebees, Smuckers, Westinghouse, AFLAC, Foster’s and Chick-Fil-A.

At Cisco, Lackey is focused on IoT for manufacturing solution development, launches, strategy and positioning. His unique combination of software business leadership in diverse companies and his IoT product vision are helping drive Cisco manufacturing innovation and leadership.

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