Bob McQueen

Smart Mobility Expert

Bob McQueen & Associates

Bob has a broad range of experience in the application of advanced technologies to transportation, gained in assignments over the past 30 years. In the past five years, Bob has worked with several major international solution providers on the application of big data and AI , connected and autonomous vehicles, and other transportation applications. He is a creative problem solver with superb verbal and written communication skills, combined with proven traffic and transportation, big data, analytics and business process management capabilities. He is an expert in communicating complex concepts in a straightforward way. Bob has a unique combination of skills that enable him to act as a bridge between transportation and technology: His expertise includes: • Management accountability and objective setting • Use case development • Architecture definition • Value proposition development • Analytics definition, description and interpretation • Identifying trends and providing actionable insights • Defining business process changes and strategies • Marketing and communication for advanced technology companies


October 12, 2022


Vision Zero guaranteed?

3 min read

Explore Vision Zero, the aspects of roadways safety and need for situational awareness, and technology applications that can make roads safer.

September 14, 2022


Managing the environmental impacts of European roadways and intersections

5 min read

Managing environmental impacts of transport and utilizing smart technology to help achieve bold policy goals.

August 24, 2022


Is it time to prod your roadways with a stick?

3 min read

Smart roadways have sensing capabilities and intelligence driven by state of the art operational technology and infrastructure.