Bill Reilly

Product Manager

Enterprise Networking Group

Bill is currently a Product Manager in Cisco's Enterprise Networking Group. His primary focus is on IWAN and of Service Providers can deliver this solution to their customers as a service. Joining Cisco in 2005, Bill worked as both a Technical Marketing Engineer and a Product Manager in Cisco Emerging Technology Group and Service Routing Group, focusing on solutions with customers on leveraging new technologies to enhance customer and employee communications. Bill has over 18 years of enterprise networking experience.


March 3, 2014


Delivering Application Optimization for Office 365

3 min read

We in IT are faced with many challenges from our end users.  From IT costs to application performance, while always keeping an eye on our network security posture.  This reminds me of a sign on the wall of my auto mechanic’s shop: Good, Fast, Low-cost. I was always told I am allowed to pick only […]

February 10, 2014


Enforcing Application SLAs over Hybrid Networks

2 min read

In the world of IT, we drive toward operational consistency for greater efficiency and improved security. If everything runs the same across all our locations, it’s much easier to train staff and manage the network. However, operational consistency may not provide the flexibility IT needs to keep up with ever changing business priorities that require […]