September 16, 2014


UCS M-series – As little as possible but Absolutely NO LESS!!

2 min read

Welcome back! Thanks for your interest in our journey from that painful “you wasted our engineering” moment to the product we announced on Sep 4th – UCS M-series Modular Servers. There’s good pain and there’s bad pain. This pain was the muscle ache after a hard game of flag football. We had wasted some energy […]

September 10, 2014


UCS M-series Modular Servers – Because wastage just plain hurts!

3 min read

Last week we announced the UCS M-series Modular Servers. The launch represented culmination of an exciting journey for us that started two years ago. In mid 2012 just as UCS B-series blade servers were taking off in a big way, we noticed a group of our customers using our core technology very differently than customers in our primary […]