Anupama Rao

Senior Manager

Data & Analytics

Anupama Rao is a technology leader with extensive experience leading global teams and driving transformation and operations on large scale enterprise initiatives and platforms both in the Infrastructure and Data ecosystems. She has been at Cisco for the last 10 years leading teams in IT, Security and the Data and Analytics areas. Over the last 2 years Anupama has led the transformation of a completely on-Prem Cisco Data landscape to a hybrid architecture with the Cloud offerings of Snowflake and GCP. This endeavor encompassed technology evaluation and selection leading up to driving the Cloud Data transformation across multiple IT and Business verticals across Cisco. Anupama is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to drive business transformation as organizations evolve their people, processes and technologies.


Cisco’s Data Cloud Transformation: Moving from Hadoop On-Premises Architecture to Snowflake and GCP

5 min read

The world is seeing an explosion of data growth. There are countless data-generating devices, digitized video and audio content, and embedded devices such as RFID tags and smart vehicles that have become our new global norm. Cisco is experiencing this dramatic shift as more data sources are being ingested into our enterprise platforms and business […]