Anne McCormick

Software Technical Leader


Anne is the head of Developer Open Source Programs and Advocacy at Cisco. She's a developer by trade, and has a passion for both open source software and diversity in STEM industries.


January 30, 2024


Securing APIs From Left to Right (and Everywhere in Between)

13 min read

Everything is accessible 24x7 through APIs - from non-critical functionality (music streaming and social media) to extremely critical data (financial accounts and healthcare profiles). Here are some ideas to make APIs your first line of defense for an application (and it's data).

May 10, 2017


Women of OpenStack at Boston Summit

3 min read

Hello! I'm reporting from the OpenStack Summit in Boston. There's one and a half days left in the summit, and it's been great so far. I'd like to draw attention to an OpenStack group which is near and dear to my heart, the Women of OpenStack. I am a female engineer, and have been working in the field of engineering for quite some time. The low ratio of women in engineering has always been rather obvious to me, but with the advent of things like Girls Who Code and #ilooklikeanengineer, the gender gap has become part of a larger dialogue about diversity in engineering. As a population, we need to think with all of our brain power, and that includes people of all types, from all walks of life.