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Anne Lange

Director, Public Sector
Internet Business Solutions

Anne Lange has more than 15 years of global experience in the public and private sectors in France and the United States.

Since joining Cisco in 2004 as a member of the Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco’s strategic consulting organization, Lange has worked as a trusted adviser to senior levels of large public sector organizations. After initially covering strategic accounts in Europe, Lange spent two years in California’s Silicon Valley to develop global public / private partnerships likely to sustain growth and economic development. She has since returned to Paris and currently leads global innovation programs for the public sector, combining strategy, business development, marketing, and advanced technologies on a variety of transformative projects.

Prior to joining Cisco, Lange served as general secretary of the Internet Rights Forum, an agency working on the legislative and political changes brought by the development of the Internet, such as privacy protection, intellectual property, and online protection of children.

Before that, Lange worked as a strategic planning manager for Thomson, where she created a strategy for promoting a new generation of consumer electronics devices, including flat screens, wireless connections, and Internet access solutions (mainly MP3 technologies). Shortly afterward, as general manager for e-business, she directed the company’s strategic move toward Internet-based services and launched Thomson’s websites for consumer communities.

Lange started her career in the Paris office of the French prime minister, where she headed the department responsible for funding and managing state-owned broadcasting companies.

Lange graduated from Sciences Po and ENA (National School of Administration). She is married and has three children.

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