Anna Bennett

Threat Hunting Analyst

Cisco Talos Security

Anna Bennett is a Threat Hunting Analyst on the Threat Intelligence and Interdiction team with Cisco Talos. During the summer before graduation, she joined a Fortune 500 company as a Vulnerability Management intern, where she confirmed this was the field she wanted to enter post-graduation. Anna continued her career in cyber security after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2019 as a Threat Intelligence & Digital Forensics Analyst. After making a career move to security engineering, she discovered her true passion lies with threat intelligence and digital forensics, which led her to her current role with Cisco Talos. Outside of work, she is passionate about health and fitness, supporting small business owners in her community, playing video games, and binge-watching TV shows.


October 3, 2023


Grab a Chair, Girls. You Belong in STEM.

3 min read

Pursuing a career in cyber security, Threat Hunting Analyst Anna B. experienced challenges being the only woman in the room. See why she never let that stop her.