Andrew McPhee

Industrial Security Solutions Manager

IoT Solutions

Andrew is a solutions manager for Industrial Security where he is responsible for security architectures across industrial verticals. Since joining Cisco in 2015, Andrew has held roles in Cisco as both engineer and architect. His roles span the Automotive Business Unit, the Security Business Group, and most recently the IoT BU and has released Cisco Validated Designs for projects such as SASE, Zero Trust and Breach Defense Technologies.


February 22, 2024


Securing the power grid: Are you ready for NERC CIP’s upcoming mandate?

3 min read

NERC has proposed a set of new cybersecurity requirements to ensure there is no gap in how power utilities secure their grid operations. Learn what they are and how Cisco can help you implement these new capabilities to drive compliance.

December 13, 2022


Securing industrial networks can – and should – be simple

2 min read

Securing industrial networks beyond the industrial DMZ calls for creating secured zones and enforcing security policies between them. How to implement such an OT Microsegmentation strategy in a way that makes it simple for both operations and IT teams?