Andy Scholl

Marketing Manager- Small Business Segment

Small Business Marketing

Andy Scholl is the Small Business Product Marketing Manager for Cisco, based in San Jose, CA. He is passionate about learning how small businesses use technology to create new business opportunities and capitalize on them. Prior to Cisco, Andy held roles in product management and portfolio marketing in global roles based in the US and in Europe. When he’s not in collaborating or presenting in a Webex meeting, he enjoys cycling along SF Bay, hiking, gardening, cooking and, most of all, traveling to new places with his family.


May 21, 2020


Life lessons: Public charter school finds new ways to connect with at-risk youth

Technology plays an important role in how one charter school teaches at-risk youth. The Life Learning Academy provides an indispensable support system as its students work toward their goals.

May 19, 2020


Sweet Relief: Small Candy Shop Doesn’t Miss a Beat with Transition to Online Sales

Small businesses are about a passion, the desire to create something new. But being adaptable is also key. This entrepreneur made a quick switch to the delight of her customers.