Major Tom’s fundamental philosophy and approach is “finding clarity in the chaos.” So it’s not surprising that the Vancouver, British Columbia-based digital marketing agency has been a guiding light for its clients and business partners amidst the confusion and disorder that has characterized 2020 so far.

“The pandemic has forced us all to look at new ways of working and operating,” says Lyn Bryan, CEO of Major Tom. “We’re taking advantage of opportunities and overcoming barriers that we had previously avoided, and we’re helping our clients do the same.”

The agency has adjusted longstanding processes and service models to accommodate current needs and limitations, she explains. Large-scale, strategy-led programs are giving way to faster, more tactical activities that deliver rapid results with minimal risk, investment, and personal interaction.

“We’re experiencing a larger volume of shorter business engagements,” Bryan says. “There’s an urgency to execute.”

Fulfilling these needs has required a fair amount of reinvention and creativity, but that’s second nature for an agency named after a David Bowie song. In a bold and transformative move, Major Tom recently expanded its online store—Tin Can—which had been focused on marketing merchandise and “swag” to also delivering an entirely new portfolio of easily consumable marketing services.

Evolution of the marketplace

“We created the store years ago as a way to give clients and new employees some branded agency swag,” Bryan says. “When the recent economic challenges hit, we realized it could be a vehicle for bite-sized chunks of our normal services.”

Ranging from $150 to $3000, the new offerings include SEO health checks, audience persona development, SSL certificate fixes, twenty-hour digital marketing sprints, and more. And Major Tom recently expanded the Tin Can menu to include complementary services from partners like Ook Enterprises, which manages all of the agency’s technologies and protects them with Cisco Umbrella.

“With so many companies floundering and needing to act fast, it’s important to lean on referrals and trusted networks,” says Bryan. “There are other marketplaces, but you don’t always know who you’re working with or what you’re getting.”

Partners are a key part of the mix

Ook Enterprises—a managed IT services provider that uses Cisco Meraki, Cisco Umbrella, and Cisco collaboration tools to help its small and medium-sized business clients—has developed two new, condensed offerings specifically for Tin Can. A flexible technology consultation provides clear guidance and recommendations for addressing a particular initiative, project, or challenge. And a comprehensive, 29-point IT assessment and report helps companies identify vulnerabilities, eliminate ambiguity, and improve operational efficiency.

“The health crisis has accelerated digital transformation and helped bulldoze over the fear of change,” says Luis Giraldo, CEO of Ook Enterprises. “We’re all being forced to be more innovative, nimble, and responsive, so there’s less handwringing and more of a willingness to jump in and get things done.”

Especially when you’re on a spaceship that knows which way to go.

“This is a fierce push into the digital space, which can be a painful but necessary and positive step for companies that have been slow to embrace change,” Bryan says. “I believe we’ll all be more connected and solidified with our networks and communities—both business and personal—when this is all over.”

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Andy Scholl

Marketing Manager- Small Business Segment

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