Amit Nandy

Director, Software Engineering


Amit Nandy is a networking industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in enterprise networking, IoT, and service provider product development. He is responsible for strategic planning, organizational growth, product definition, customer management, program execution, coaching and mentoring, and driving improvement initiatives. For the past 10 years, Amit has been a leader in key infrastructure development on Cisco's flagship Catalyst 9000 series of switches, Catalyst 8000 series of enterprise routers, the Catalyst 9800 series of WLAN controllers, and the Catalyst 9100 series of access points and industrial switches and routers.


June 2, 2021


Accelerate and Simplify – Guiding Principles in the Design of New Software Image Upgrade and Patching Solutions

5 min read

How the Cisco IOS XE team of developers is changing the paradigm of how enterprise networking image upgrades are done.  It has huge cost, time, productivity, and security implications for Cisco customers around the globe and the functionality and safety of their wide array of network devices.