Amandeep Singh

Technical Marketing Engineer

Cisco Security

Amandeep is a Technical Marketing Engineer within the Cisco Security Business Group and has over 10 years of experience in the security industry. Aman has authored a range of Cisco Validated Designs focusing on Public cloud and cloud-native and workload security architectures. Skilled in Kubernetes, containers and CI/CD pipeline security, TLS, IPSec, firewalls, and web proxies. Aman holds a CCIE in security and a master's degree in Cyber Security.


December 15, 2023


Secure Workload and Secure Firewall: The recipe for a robust zero trust cybersecurity strategy

5 min read

Discover the flexibility of achieving zero-trust microsegmentation with Cisco Secure Workload and Secure Firewall, combining host-based and network-based enforcement, along with virtual patching for added defense.