Ajit Thyagarajan

Principal Architect, Security Analytics

Security Business Group - SP&R

Ajit Thyagarajan joined Cisco Secure Analytics three years ago as a Security Architect and heads a number of initiatives within Cisco related to Network telemetry and Secure Analytics. He is the Principal Architect behind the Cisco Telemetry Broker. Ajit is an Internet pioneer, having contributed significantly to protocols such as IGMP and NTP. Over the last few years, his focus has been on high performance network telemetry analysis both in the Enterprise and Cloud. Prior to Cisco, Ajit was CTO at Atomic Mole, a cybersecurity company developing a simple and effective security solution to secure IoT devices in the Enterprise. Before that, he held multiple Director positions at Fidelis Cybersecurity. Ajit also mentors several cybersecurity start-ups as part of Mach37, a Virginia based cybersecurity incubator.


February 25, 2022


Q&A on the MITRE D3FEND Framework

6 min read

Pete Kaloroumakis of MITRE discusses the D3FEND framework, which, alongside the ATT&CK framework, seeks to improve cybersecurity for both private and public organizations.

November 3, 2021


Taking Full Control of your Telemetry with the Intelligent Telemetry Plane

4 min read

Learn how Cisco Telemetry Broker is laying the foundation to help customers treat all telemetry in a holistic, enterprise-wide manner and not just as separate streams of data.