Your DEM = Your Business and Reputation!

At one point, we all have been frustrated with a poor digital experience with the services that we use each day. These range from a webpage not loading in a browser, a mobile app that is stuck, or the occasional UI issue where a website button disappears while trying to check out. Now imagine there are thousands of people just like you and me getting frustrated with your digital service, and most importantly, not happy with your brand. So, your Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) doesn’t just give you insights into mobile and browser performance but directly correlates to customer satisfaction, which equals your digital revenue and reputation.

Digital experience monitoring

The challenge technology teams face in delivering the digital experiences their customers expect is that the landscape of modern application interactions spans thousands of touchpoints from the browser or device across home/cellular/private/public networks to third-party API or SaaS services into the multiple clouds that powers the application. All these interactions pose a significant challenge to teams when a sprawl of monitoring tools is employed to achieve real-time performance visibility for each of these domains. This fragmented approach impedes the ability to have a holistic view of the customer experience, making it a cumbersome, time-consuming, or sometimes impossible task. Consequently, when a performance issue emerges, detecting and diagnosing the problem becomes challenging, often leaving teams without an immediate understanding of its impact on the user experience.

Digital experience monitoring

Cisco Approach to Modern Digital Experience Monitoring

Cisco Full-Stack Observability takes a comprehensive approach to DEM utilizing our entire technology portfolio, industry-leading expertise in IT domains, and DEM solutions in Cisco AppDynamics. Traditional DEM focuses on what can be seen above the surface of digital experiences across user Real User Monitoring and Synthetics. Cisco DEM approach is to go deep and correlate what is above the surface with below and provide visibility to the thousands of interactions that can impact the user experience across hybrid and cloud environments.

We are proud to announce several new innovations that enable modern Digital Experience Monitoring for our customers. The new Cisco DEM application supplies a vital window into the digital satisfaction and of customers. In addition, the bi-directional integrations with Cisco ThousandEyes and recently acquired Accedian enable teams with end-to-end DEM insights for applications and network teams to correlate and troubleshoot the applications, network, and multi-cloud affect digital user experience.

Introducing the New Cisco DEM Application for the Cisco Observability Platform

The new Cisco DEM application powered by the Cisco Observability Platform enables teams with secure, real-time, data-driven, and correlated digital satisfaction and behavior insights within modern, cloud native applications. In addition, having a full-stack Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution is essential to proactively ensure optimal user experiences, identify issues promptly and enhance overall user satisfaction. Built as a standalone application on the Cisco Observability Platform, the new Cisco DEM application includes:

  • Browser Real User Monitoring (BRUM) revolutionizes application oversight by offering deep visibility into user behavior and browser application performance. Advanced features like Session Replay, Core Web Vitals monitoring, and OpenTelemetry™ support, ensure real-time insights, actionable data, and streamlined troubleshooting for optimal user experiences.digital experience monitoring
  • Mobile Real User Monitoring (MRUM) provides comprehensive insights into user behavior and mobile application performance on various platforms, including Android and iOS. Efficiently track, prioritize, and resolve application crashes while troubleshooting performance issues – enhancing the user experience. Utilize Mobile Session Replay to visually recreate user journeys, accelerating error reproduction and crash resolution on both Android and iOS apps.
  • Session Replay accelerates problem resolution by recording and playing back user sessions in real-time. This tool facilitates swift reproduction and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of encountered issues, enabling more seamless troubleshooting and assessment of impact on the end-user experience.

Digital experience monitoring

digital experience monitoring

The Bottom Line for your IT Teams

Cisco DEM is a solution designed to empower IT teams with deep insights into the health and performance of cloud native browser and mobile applications. Providing real-time visibility, this advanced platform allows teams to troubleshoot individual session-level issues with precision, fostering a proactive approach to performance optimization. IT teams can now have:

  • Comprehensive Visibility – The Cisco DEM application with Real User Monitoring empowers teams with a holistic view of user experiences, facilitating precise troubleshooting with backend correlation with Cisco Cloud Observability and a proactive approach to performance optimization. It gives teams deep insights into the health and performance of both browser and mobile applications.
  • Precision Troubleshooting – The application’s Session Replay capabilities enable teams to efficiently issue resolution with recording and playback of end-user sessions in real time. With Session Replay, teams gain critical user insights, facilitating swift reproduction and Root Cause Analysis of encountered issues. This focused approach empowers seamless troubleshooting and enables a comprehensive assessment of the impact of issues on end-user satisfaction — delivering a heightened level of precision in issue resolution.
  • Modern Performance Metrics – Teams can observe real-world user experiences, evaluate health based on granular benchmarks, and monitor baseline and standard deviation for proactive issue identification. The DEM application alerts teams to poor user experiences, helping prevent consequences (such as Google de-ranking websites).

Check out the other Full-Stack Observability innovations we are announcing at Cisco Live 2024 Amsterdam in this blog from Ronak Desai, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability.


Emily Wang

Leader, Product Management

Cisco AppDynamics