Data is the new fuel for business growth

Data is at the heart of seemingly everything these days, from the smart devices in our homes to the mobile apps we use on the go every day. This wealth of information at our fingertips allows us to correlate data points and determine patterns and outcomes faster than humanly possible — enabling us to predict and quickly thwart adverse events on the horizon. We know that the volume of data collected by organizations is a goldmine of information that, when leveraged correctly, can empower growth. We also know that clean data, free of sensitive information, is critical for fueling GenAI initiatives across the globe. However, this uptick in data creation and usage also amplifies the need for organizations to ensure that they handle data responsibly and adhere to increasingly stringent data regulatory standards.

With astronomical amounts of data constantly being generated, tracked, and stored – it’s become more important than ever to secure it and be able to answer several key questions: Where is my data? Who is accessing my data? And is my data secure?

Introducing Observability for Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

The new Data Security module announced at Cisco Live 2024 Amsterdam is now generally available. It expands our business risk observability capabilities for cloud environments and delivers automated data discovery and classification in data stores like Snowflake and AWS S3. The new module provides real-time data insights that help visualize, prioritize, and act on security issues before they become revenue-impacting.

A quick look at the new data security capabilities:

  • Discovery and classification of sensitive data: Easily identify all data stores and data entities, to quickly focus on securing sensitive data.
  • Data access control: Understand which users, roles, and applications are accessing your data and who have access to personally identifiable information. Seamlessly adopt a least privilege approach by detecting unused privileges and locking down access to your data stores.
  • Exfiltration attempt detection: Unlock GenAI-based detection and remediation guidance for data exfiltration attempts to stop attackers in their tracks.
  • Identify security risks: Efficiently detect unencrypted buckets, dormant risky users and siloed unused data entities to reduce your overall security risk posture.

The future of data security

With data being created and moving at the speed of light every day, it can be overwhelming to keep track of exactly where the data is and how it’s being stored – let alone comprehensively securing it. Automation is imperative to keep up, and choosing the right tool will enable you to continue leveraging data and innovating while knowing your data is secure. The Data Security module provides teams with deep visibility and actionable insights to effortlessly protect data at scale. The future of data security relies on our ability to put adequate security controls in place now, so we can embrace the full potential of data and the unlimited capabilities that it unlocks.


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Kashyap Merchant

Director, Product Management

Cisco AppDynamics